Sell Your Home in the Winter 

(it's super chill!)


Actually I really need to clarify that because no self-respecting practitioner of the Okanagan Lifestyle would EVER say Winter is better than Summer.  And as a cold-blooded creature with low blood pressure built for life at the Equator, I loves me some sun.  That said, Winter does bring one charming little blessing to the table that no other time of the year does - IT'S THE BEST SEASON FOR REAL ESTATE !!!  This month I share with you the top reasons why Selling Your Home in the Winter is super chill =)


Here's why:

BUYERS ARE SERIOUS.  Sure there are fewer of them, but there are way less “tire kickers” so the quality of the showings is far better. Like, who wants to be mucking about shopping for houses in the winter unless you really want to be buying a home?!  And when we get serious Sellers and serious Buyers together there is less price haggling and usually a lot less hasslesduring the contract process, which is what we want.

LESS MARKET COMPETITION.  This is a HUGE benefit to Wintertime Selling that should really appeal to Sellers.  Firstly, With fewer homes on the market, you have an opportunity to really have your house stand out and shine. And from a marketing perspective, that's really what we're looking for. Secondly, with less players in the market you have time to shop and be a Buyer if you need to find another place to live.  With less pressure in the market place, you have far less need to buy first with a "subject to sell" (super stressful!). Considering our recent years of crazy Seller's Market having time to shop while you are selling is a gift.   

NO YARD WORK.  It can get a little stressful during a Spring and Summer market to be constantly making sure your yard is pristine and ready for showings - cleaning up any toys plucking dead flowers, cutting grass, etc.  In the Winter, that all goes away.  (Psst, over here...Winter is a great time to sell a property where the yard or landscaping is not the best feature.  But you did not get that from me.) 

PROMPT SERVICE.  Just when you thought Wintertime Selling could not get any better it does - the Customer Service that is!   When you sell in the winter, you and the Buyer have access to the professional support services that are going crazy in the Spring and Summer.

Mortgage Brokers, Lawyers, Movers, Inspectors, Appraisers, Lenders, they generally have more time to work with us on your deal - particularly important during the subject removal period. We have a lot more access to those people when we do in the winter versus 

JUST. LESS. STRESS.  I know what you are thinking, "But I could you get a higher price for my home in the Spring or Summer" Yeah maybe. Spring, Summer, Stress.  What Winter brings to your Selling experience doesn't have a price tag...that's simply more time, flexibility and room to breathe.  Whether its more time to market your home, or more time to shop, or more flexible contract terms, or less stressed out Buyers making pressured shaky offers, or more time with your real estate professionals, Winter just brings an "Ahhhhhhh" that money just can't buy.  

Amy Blake


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