Wallpaper’s Back, baby! 

(make gramma proud!)



Don't call it a comeback, it's been there for years.  Well, in your grandmother's home anyways.  Until recently, when wallpaper started showing up in every show home, DIY social channels, and TV show from here to HGTV.  Love it or hate it, wallpaper is all the rage.




Q&A with Gaia Mueller, Owner of Benjamin Moore Kelowna

I cruised over to one of my favourite home improvement haunts, Benjamin Moore Kelowna, to talk with the owner Gaia Mueller to get the scoop on trends in wallpaper.

Q. Amy - So Gaia, we are talking wallpaper. I'm a little bit scared of wallpaper, but I'm seeing it in show homes everywhere. It's clearly making a comeback. Why would anybody use wallpaper over, say, paint?

A. Gaia - Wallpaper can add a unique kind of texture and a sophistication that just using paint color can't do. Even feature walls people do in bedrooms, if you do a feature wall with wallpaper it allows you to layer texture, sheen, pattern, creates a really more luxurious effect.

Q. Amy - Okay...let's get serious...let's talk wallpaper removal. What if I put it up and I've decided, wow, this just does not work?

A. Gaia - Removal is why with most people the idea of wallpaper gives them hives! Because Grandma's wallpaper was brutal to remove and never used to come down, so it was a nightmare.  So wallpaper now is manufactured to make it really easy to strip off the wall if you change your mind.

Q. Amy  - Okay, I'll trust you on that, and great to hear!   What are people looking for in wallpaper?  Can we look at some samples?

A. Gaia - Sure!  I agree that a lot of developers are using wallpaper in their show homes are people are using it too and one of the big trends is a natural materials - stone, mica, grasscloth, textured wallpaper.  Also People also like a little bit of metallic sheen, so this is definitely not what grandma used to have!

Amy - Not at all like Grandma's wallpaper - this is gorgeous!  Well, I might actually do it.

Gaia - I think it's a great way to add value to your home with not that much effort.

Amy - All right. You going to help me?

Gaia - Sure.

Amy - Get brave out there people!  Put some wallpaper up, add some value and come and see Gaia down here at Benjamin Moore if you need some help in picking out something that might be a fit for your home!

Amy Blake



#1 - 1890 Cooper Rd Kelowna, BC V1Y 8B7


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